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Czech garnet Museum in Třebenice

Ancient town of Třebenice, situated in Lovosice region, in the beautiful countryside of České středohoří, is well known horticulture center and for Czech garnet mining.


The picturesque background of the town consists Košťálov Mountain with the ruins of former royal castle. In Třebenice there is Museum of Czech garnet, which offers a comprehensive overview of the mining and processing of Czech garnet, jewelry collection of Czech garnets, including the jewelry collection of Ulrike von Levetzow, last love of German poet Johann Wolfgang Goethe, who came from the nearby Třebívlice. The exhibition is housed in the former Lutheran church and is accompanied by an overview of the town’s history and its surroundings. In the museum you can see the third largest Czech garnet weighing 2,642 g. Czech garnets are here not just to see, but you can also to collect them in front of the museum, or in the imported garnet sand.


Muzeum českého granátu v Třebenicích,
Tel.: +420 601 555 187

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