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Fortified town Terezín and monument of Terezín

Terezín fortress was founded between years 1780 - 1790 near confluence of the Labe and the Ohře rivers during emperor's Josef II. Reign.


Its mission was to protect the access roads to the heart of Bohemia against enemy armies at the time of the Prussian-Austrian war. Fortress was one of the most advanced in the world. The complex consists of Malá (Small) and Velká (Main) forts plus fortified space between these two forts. Defensive purpose of Terezin fortress has never been fulfilled, but even after losing the fortress statute it remained an important garrison town and the Small Fortress since the early 19th century served as a place for detention of military and political prisoners and opponents of the Habsburg monarchy. Worldwide fame came to Terezín during the Nazi occupation of the Czechoslovakia by Nazi Germany. Both parts of the fort were then transformed into detention camp. In June 1940 Prague Gestapo Police prison was set up in the Small Fortress and in the Main fort - the town Terezín - was created ghetto in November 1941, a persecutory camp for Jews. In the postwar years 1945-1948 there was an internment camp for German population located in one section of the Small Fortress. As part of the event "Project Terezin - City of Change" it will be open to the public this summer. One of the projects is so called Kavalír no. 2 in the southern part of the fortress town that offers visitors exhibiton of old crafts and life in the barracks of Theresian fortress, during the exhibition season.

Destination agency České středohoří, ops became partner of the project Revitalization of approaches to reconstructed buildings IOP in Terezín (project number CZ.1.09 / 1.4.00 / 83.01261), which is implemented within the ROP Northwest.


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