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Lobkowicz Castle and Romanic Castle

At the end of the 12th century Prague bishops ordered to raise a Romanic castle situated on cliff overlooking the river Elbe.


During the Gothic period of time the castle was expanded. In the 16th century a new Renaissance wing was built and lately the castle was expanded even more. In 1652-1684 during the reign of Václav Eusebia from Lobkowicz the whole castle complex was reconstructed to the Flamboyant style that remains until today. The castle consists of three wings forming a spacious courtyard in the centre. A south entrance side is divided by a solid tower. For a long period of time the castle represented a central place for a thriving nobel house of Lobkowicz. During the World War II the castle served as a barracks for Germans and lately for Czech military. Till 2009 Czech quarters of the Military School of Music was situated here. Today you can experience here two interesting tours , both of the Lobkowicz castle and the Romanic castle.


Lobkowicz Castle and Romanic Castle
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