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Říp Hill

Říp Hill (456 m) is visible from afar. It's basicaly a basalt pile, with Romanesque rotunda on the top.


It emerges from the plane 5 km south of Roudnice nad Labem. The Říp Hill has a legend about the arrival of Forefather the Czech. This makes it one of the main symbols of the Czech nation. At the top stands a chapel dedicated to the patron of Přemyslovci, the saint George (Sv. Jiří) and the patron of the Czech Lands St. Adalbert (Sv. Vojtěch). Inside you can see a statue of St. George and the Dragon. On the top, there are several hiking trails. If the needle on your compass will spin in confusion, it would be clear evidence that local basalt contains impurity magnetite. From the top views you can enjoy the distant panorama of the Czech Central Mountains and deep forests of Kokorinsko. 1907 was built a tourist hut by the rotunda, and it still serves as a refreshments point.


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