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Dóm square, Litoměřice

The most important religious monument in České středohoří is set of buildings at Saint Štěpán's cathedral in Litoměřice, situated on Dómský hill. In ancient times, there was a stronghold, where Litoměřice canonry was founded in year 1057 A.D.


In 1655 the diocese was founded and the canonry church became a cathedral. Around then a set of buildings necessary for the life of the diocese have been build. Today the cathedral have early baroque look and is equipped with a highly valuable and uniform style furniture. Regular services and organ concerts are hosted here. In the neighborhood is a bell tower, on which you can get and enjoy the spectacular views. Behind the cathedral is the bishop's residence - Italian-style palace building.


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Dómské náměstí 9/9 – recepce,
412 88 Litoměřice Tel.:+420 416 707 511

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