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From Zubrnice to Buková mountain

Unforgettable experience certainly is a visit of Zubrnice. The village is located near the county town Usti nad Labem. Zubrnice attracts by particularly well preserved folk architecture. The square is dominated by the Baroque well dating from 1695. Since 1997, exhibition of the old village school is open, which is made accessible in the church Sv. Máří Magdalény. Next, worth visiting is also Zubrnice Railway Museum. In the museum, you can learn a great amount of new information on rail history and also take a ride on the hand car lever.
DélkaLength: 9 km


From Zubrnice you can climb a nearby mountain Buková. From the village, follow red tourist trail for about 4 km. The path goes through lovely countryside with a diverse fauna and flora. Buková Mountain with a television transmitter is a prominent feature of České středohoří. Interesting is a view to the Labe River Valley and the surrounding hilltops.

MAP - From Zubrnice to Buková mountain