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From Úštěk to Helfenburk castle

Follow the yellow tourist route from Úštěk.


From the square, walk down into the valley, then a long way down the road. Another part of the route leads through the valley along the Hrádecký creek and through the woods. Near the village Ostrý yellow and red tourist trails connected and both leads beneath a steep slope, which you will have to climb on. But the reward is spectacular. Built on the ruins of a sandstone cliff are easily accessible. View over the landscape is unforgettable and definitely worth it. Castle was built in the 14th century by Ronovci family. Walls are 12 meters high and dominated by 17 meters high tower. Castle opens to the public throughout the year. The trip is suitable for families with children and for pedestrians.

Below the village Ostrý you can also park your car in the parking lot and walk the rest of the route.

MAP - From Úštěk to Helfenburk castle