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Trips to sights on Podřipsko

For tourist center of Říp region is considered Roudnice. The most famous goal in the region is a sacred mountain Říp with rotunda of St. George on the top. Rotunda is among the oldest buildings in the Czech Republic and is a significant cultural and religious heritage. Further opportunities of tours offering e.g. the Lobkowicz chateau with Romanesque castle in Roudnice nad Labem. Guests can also visit a monastery in Doksany, a fort in Brozany nad Ohří, Janda's museum in Budyně nad Ohří or Libochovice chateau.


The route of the next trip begins in Roudnice nad Labem at the castle and in the Romanesque castle. The chateau is an early baroque building, which is owned by Czech family of Lobkowicz. Once there was a magnificent castle, whose construction began nephew of King Vladislav I. The castle was the second Czech castle made from stones. From the chateau we move to the beginning of Doksany trail in Terezín street in the Roudnice nad Labem. We continue to Doksany, which offers visiting the monastery. During the Hussite Wars and the Thirty Years War, it was burned down several times. At present, the monastery is among the most notable Baroque complexes in Bohemia. From Doksany It's not far to Brožany nad Ohří, where you can move along the red-marked hiking trail to explore the local fortress. The fortress was built in the 14th century. Many times it was presented and there were a lot of owners. Painted coats of arms of the owners can be found on the walls. If we continue along the red tourists trail, it will lead us directly to Budyně nad Ohri to the water castle, where Jandovo museum is hidden. Castle has been originally made from wood, but has undergone several modifications. In the 2nd half of the 15th century a Gothic castle was built, surrounded by walls and a water moat. The castle attracts also with its museum. Exhibits contains of travelers things and even an alchemist's workshop. After visiting Budyně nad Ohri is ahead of us Libochovice chateau, where we can get following the red tourists trail. The current look of the castle dates from the late 17th century. Displays ornamental garden, collections of rare tapestries, glassware, china and unique Baroque tile stove. The chateau is also significant as a birthplace of Jan Evangelista. Libochovice offers the opportunity to return to public train and bus connections, or you can go by foot. The trip is also suitable for cyclists.

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