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Střekov castle and Větruše small chateau

The dominant feature of Usti nad Labem is undoubtedly the castle Střekov. A castle from early 14th century is a famous lookout point and also one of the best preserved castle ruins. The castle was built by Jan Luxemburg to protect Labe's cruises, and it served as a customs house. From the 17th century castle ceased to be inhabited and remained completely deserted. In the Romantic period castle came alive again.


Access the castle following the tourist trail. We can also take the green tourist trail that leads from Brné.

In Usti nad Labem, we can go for another landmark of the city, mansion Větruše. It is situated on a hill on the Labe's left bank. Castle walls adorned with photographs and pictures depicting the city's history. There is a restaurant with a hotel and a mirror maze. The castle can be reached on foot or by funicular railway, which departs every 15 minutes from the Forum shopping center. Cable car ride is a great experience not only for children.

MAP - Střekov castle and Větruše small chateau