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Labská trail introduction

Labe trail offers to bikers and tourist as well many adventures and active enjoyment in area of Podřipsko, Central bohemia and Saxon Switzerland. This route (cycling route no. 2) really has a lot to give to travelers. Whether we mean the natural beauty, historical monuments, or sports and cultural activities. Here we can plan a day or overnight trips with accommodation or utilize various combinations of transport. Cycle route begins in Štětí, runs through Roudnice nad Labem, Terezín, Litoměřice, Velké Žernoseky, Ústí nad Labem, Děčín and ends in Dolní Žleb, from where it continues further to Germany. It offers attractive leisure activities suitable for families with children.


The most beautiful section starts at the Porta Bohemica valley in the village Velké Žernoseky, famous for winery as well as the village on the left bank, Malé Žernoseky. Both villages are connected by a ferry with Oparenské valley. For a trip through Oparno you can also take advantage of cyclobus at the foot of Kletečná mountain. Thanks to the ferry, it is possible to connect to Labská trail also using bicycle route from Lovosice. From Velké Žernoseky the trail leads to Porta Bohemica – under the hill Kalvárie to Libochovany. From there, we continue through Církvice and Brná to the Ústí nad labem with Střekov castle. Thanks to the railway intersection you can combine the next journey with another tour destinations using numerous train lines and cyclobuses to Krušnohoří and Tiské walls. From the city of Ústí nad Labem a chair lift leads to the castle Větruše. In Krásné Březno we recommend a visit to the zoo. Cycling trail continues along the right bank through the Velké Březno, where you can visit the brewery or the chateau and take a ferry. In Malé Březno turns Zubrnice Museum Railroad and leads to the collection of folk architecture Zubrnice, which is located under the Buková Mountain. The trip can be realized also by taking cyclobus from Litoměřice to Mukařov.

The trail leads further to the southeast. In Těchlovice you can turn to the castle Vrabinec. In Děčín-Podmokly is located ZOO at the Pastýřské walls. Cyclobuses form Děčín can be used, especially to the mountain Děčínský sněžník, from where we continue to the forests of Saxony. We return to the river Labe behind the state borders.