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Elbe Trail in the section of the Great Žernoseky - Usti nad Labem - Decin

Dear cyclists, we invite you on a trip along the newly constructed and reconstructed sections of the Elbe Cycle Path in the Czech Central Mountains.


Last year Ústí region has started construction and reconstruction of several sections of the famous cycling route no. 2 from Prague (like the number 7), respectively from Krkonoše Mountains to Dresden and Germany. The section of the trail in Czech Central mountains can offer a lot to visitors, thanks to considerable investment in of the Ústí region.

The newly reconstructed stretch of the trail begins in the village of Velké Žernoseky , which is known for its wine tradition, just like the Malé Žernoseky lying on the left shore. Both villages are connected with ferry that allows you to see the hidden charming Oparenské Valley in the shadow of the mountain Lovoš (569 m), in which is a pleasant tourist destination: Černodolský mlýn with a restaurant and guest house.

You can connect to the Elbe trail also by a separate bicycle path from Lovosice thanks to ferry of Žernošice. Lovosice is an important railway junction. For the accommodation we recommend a friendly Lev hotel. To hike through Oparenské valley you can also take advantage of Litoměřice cyklobus at the foot of the mountain Kletečná . From Velké Žernoseky the trail will lead you to the famous Porta Bohemica - under the hill Kalvárie (239 meters) to Libochovany. From Libochovany the trail continues as a new section to Církvice, where you can see a church with half-timbered belfry.

In Brné thermal pool invites you to relax and soon, as a guard, castle Střekov will appear. The view of its majesty ends your journey through the valley Gateway to the Czech and welcomes you in Ústí nad Labem - the regional city of Ústí region. After overcoming the technical monument Masarykovo sluice we recommend you to a stopping in the Ústí nad labem city center. Thanks to the railway intersection it is possible to continue with another trip around our area. Feel free to use many train connections and the cyclobuses to the Krušné Mountains and Tisa walls. Be sure to stop in tourist info office on the Peace Square. You'll be surprised how many interesting attractions industrial city offers, and we’re not speaking just about a modern cable car to the castle Větruše. Add for example a microbrewery Na Rychtě or newly renovated museum. For children there are panels with the story of Queen of Labe on the Labská trail. All information is available in the tourist info office. In Krásné Březno use the opportunity to visit ZOO in unusually hilly terrain.

The cycle trail continues from Ústí nad Labem still on the right bank via the Velké Březno , where you shouldn’t miss a visit of brewery and a chateau . Again also possible to use a ferry. In Malé Březno turns Zubrnice Museum Railroad , which leads to outdoor museum in Zubrnice under the Buková Mountain (683 m) with a television transmitter on it.

To accomplish the trip there is also available Litomerice cyklobus to Mukařov. Built trail continues even further without necessity to cross over, as in the last season, to the usual road to the Děčín . Along the way, it is possible to turn in Těchlovice to the castle ruins Vrabinec (400 meters). In Děčín you can take a refreshing dip at the swimming pool in Nebočady (400 m), in the Aqua park in the Staré město (200 meters) or visit the chateau Děčín (directly at the Labe trail). Continue over Tyršův Bridge to the left bank of the Labe, through the National Nature Reserve Kaňon Labe (the Canyon of Elbe) to the state border. Right after the Tyršův Bridge, which crosses the Labe trail, you can find the city tourist info office with bicycle store service. In Děčín, some cycling routes are linked to the Labe trail: Ploučnice (no. 15), Krušnohorská magistrála (no. 23) and Krajem pískovcových skal (no. 21) in Hřensko, to where you can get by ferry from Dolní Žleb or from Schöny. An incoming agency České Švýcarsko will continue to accompany you here. We recommend using services with certification „Cyklisté vítáni“ (Cyclists welcome).

Looking forward to see you, Incoming agency České středohoří, o.p.s. The Agency for Tourism in the Czech Central and in Podřipsko.


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